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An impressive caribou co-management resource!

Caribou 🦌 have long been a cornerstone of Indigenous culture and survival in the northern regions of Canada 🇨🇦. The Northern Caribou website, found at, serves as a comprehensive resource dedicated to the conservation and understanding of caribou.

The Northern Caribou website is a project of the Wek’èezhìı Renewable Resources Board (WRRB), developed in collaboration with various governments and agencies. The site aligns with the WRRB's goal of educating people about the importance of caribou across the North, highlighting the changes occurring in Canadian Arctic and subarctic caribou populations. It aims to provide a centralized source of information, combining scientific and Indigenous knowledge to address the complex challenges caribou face.

The website does a great job consolidating knowledge, focusing on co-management, providing educational resources, Indigenous perspectives, and management strategies. For those interested in learning about co-management specific to caribou, the website provides detailed information on the various herds and their management but also offers a wealth of resources, including academic papers, management plans, and traditional knowledge documents.

Enjoy exploring their website and bookmark it :-) 🔖

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