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Meet Ocean!

The AI world is opening up many possibilities for learning and collaboration. In that spirit, we have created Ocean - a friendly AI assistant who is a lifelong learner, constantly consuming open-access resources about co-management.  Ocean is also starting to consume knowledge about co-management-related topics like Indigenous knowledge, knowledge co-production, court cases, and much more.

Powered by ChatGPT-4 Turbo, Ocean is ready to engage with you and support your co-management queries.

Please complete the form below if you want to integrate Ocean directly into your co-management website. 

For those who are academically inclined, we invite you to explore the open-access literature that Ocean has consumed. Click the Zotero logo above. Jamie Snook, PhD, maintains the database. Our goal is to make these valuable resources accessible to the people of the North, who have traditionally had less access to research hidden behind paywalls.

By working together and sharing knowledge, we can unlock the promise of co-management and advance the important work of reconciliation. Ocean is here to assist you in your learning journey.

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Firefly a beautiful 4k photo underneath the arctic ocean. It is an underwater photo 76583.
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