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The Logo

This “co-management commons” is a website maintained by Jamie Snook, Ph.D. with the purpose of freely sharing community-based co-management resources. The content is primarily intended for co-management practitioners, academics, and students of fish and wildlife co-management.

The Co-management Commons logo is a powerful symbol of collaboration and stewardship. Inspired by the practice of co-management in Canada, it embodies the shared responsibility we have for our lands, waters, and wildlife.

The circular image at the center of the logo represents the countless individuals who work together to make co-management a success. Through hard work, dialogue, and a commitment to learning, we are able to create a shared space for different levels of government and local communities to come together in the spirit of collaboration.

The rectangle behind the "commons" symbolizes the many places where co-management happens - from boardrooms and offices to community halls and forums. It's in these spaces that we share knowledge, engage in research, and work towards a common goal.

The colors of the logo are inspired by the natural beauty of the North. The white and yellow-white of the North Star - a vital navigational tool - reminds us of the importance of direction and purpose. The reddish, orange, and yellow hues of the Sundog reflect the complexity of co-management practice, as different perspectives and knowledge systems come together to create a shared vision.

Overall, the Co-management Commons logo is a celebration of collaboration, learning, and stewardship. With its clean lines and Northern-inspired colors, it embodies the spirit of co-management and reminds us of the important work we do to protect and preserve our shared resources.


We invite you to join our mailing list below. Our intention is to collate and share high-quality resources related to fish and wildlife co-management. As the mailing list grows we hope to share key events and will be developing additional knowledge-sharing opportunities. 

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