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Professional development opportunity

Last year, it was an honor to speak about co-management to a national audience of scientists at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. With my social sciences and public health background, I had a different background from this group, but as a co-management practitioner, I had a perspective to share.

One thing led to another after the talk, and I ended up coordinating a special course on co-management with a group that self-selected and wanted to learn more. I am happy to say that we are doing it again this year, and I would love to invite more people into the course, not only from other government departments but also those who work directly in the field of co-management or with Indigenous organizations.

We are creating a unique online space and community with three learning pathways. You may engage through self-paced modules, online forums connected to the course content, or special live sessions with leading Indigenous and co-management thinkers.


There are three objectives for this course:

  1. Discover the dynamic and interdisciplinary nature of co-management.

  2. Develop practical insights into Indigenous knowledge systems from the experts themselves.

  3. Build a community of people committed to co-management as a form of reconciliation.


Introduction to co-management

Positionality and its place in co-management

Cultural competence

Science and responsibilities

Indigenous knowledge systems

Co-management led research

The co-management and Indigenous well-being connection

Dealing with the emotions of ecological loss

Co-management and the law

Co-management and communications

Co-management and consensus

Adaptive co-management


For those of us who have been working in co-management for a while now, we all know that our learning has not ended, and we can all benefit from continuing to learn from each other, especially given the vast geography of our country.

It would be a unique opportunity to have co-management colleagues and public servant allies together in the same course, figuring out pathways forward.

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