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Toward a new social contract: Community-based resource management and small-scale fisheries

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Small-scale fisheries are an important global phenomenon that require effective management strategies to ensure their sustainability. The TBTI Global Book Series publication, "Community-Based Resource Management and Small-Scale Fisheries," provides valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of managing small-scale fisheries through a community-based approach. The book is authored by Dr. Fikret Berkes, a renowned scholar in the field of environmental management, who draws on his extensive research and experience to provide a comprehensive overview of community-based resource management in small-scale fisheries.


The book is divided into three parts; Part one introduces the concept of co-management and its importance in managing complex resources such as small-scale fisheries. It also discusses bridging organizations that provide a forum for co-managers to come together and collaborate effectively. Part two focuses on social-ecological systems and how they can be managed through adaptive co-management practices. This section emphasizes the importance of learning-by-doing and adaptive management in achieving sustainable outcomes for small-scale fisheries. Part three explores participatory management approaches that prioritize the inclusion of fishers' local knowledge, livelihoods, and other social objectives into fisheries management. It also highlights the need for policy frameworks that support community-based resource management in small-scale fisheries.


Overall, "Community-Based Resource Management and Small-Scale Fisheries" is an essential resource for anyone interested in sustainable resource management practices. It provides valuable insights into the challenges facing small-scale fisheries today and offers practical solutions for addressing them through community-based approaches. As a free resource it is also accessible and in line with the values of the Co-management Commons as an open access resource.

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