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Special Issue of Arctic Science

Updated: May 14, 2023

"Knowledge Mobilization on Co-Management, Co-Production of Knowledge, and Community-Based Monitoring to Support Effective Wildlife Resource Decision Making and Inuit Self-Determination” is a special issue, published in the Arctic Science journal. The special issue is a great resource. It is open access, and features articles from researchers and community members who have been involved in co-management projects throughout the North in Canada.


One of the main themes of the special issue is the need for co-management to be inclusive and equitable. Indigenous communities have been stewards of the land for generations and possess invaluable knowledge about their traditional lands and waters. Co-management provides a platform for this knowledge to be shared and used in wildlife management.

The special issue also highlights the challenges of implementing co-management. These challenges include power imbalances, limited funding, and conflicting interests. However, the articles also provide examples of successful co-management projects and offer recommendations for improving co-management practices.


Congratulations to the guest editors and all the authors who made this special resource for the co-management community, and keeping it open access.

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