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NWRT 2022 Annual Report

The Nunavut Wildlife Research Trust (NWRT) was established to promote effective wildlife management in Nunavut through an efficient and coordinated research effort. The NWRT provides funding for wildlife research projects that address the priorities of the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board (NWMB) and Inuit. Wildlife research is crucial for ensuring that Nunavut's wildlife resources are harvested sustainably to support the hunting and fishing practices that are integral to Inuit culture.


One of the key objectives of the NWRT is to prioritize and fund research that aligns with the NWMB and Regional Wildlife Priorities identified in the three regions of Nunavut. This ensures that the research conducted is current and relevant to the needs and concerns of the people of Nunavut. For instance, in 2022, the NWRT funded research on the declining population of barren-ground caribou, a vital component of Inuit diets and traditional activities. The research aimed to understand the factors contributing to the decline and identify strategies for sustainable management of the population. Click on the report cover to read more about the 2022 annual report.

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