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Lessons learned from the implementation of tripartite-funded co-management boards

Snook, Jamie L.





The Labrador Inuit Land Claim Agreement was signed in December 2005, making it the first modern treaty in Atlantic Canada. The comprehensive land claim agreement was the first in Canada that funded two co-management boards on a tripartite basis. This action research project involved semi-directed interviews with past and present board members of the Torngat Wildlife and Plants Co-Management Board and the Torngat Joint Fisheries Board. The data revealed early frustrations from system delays and administrative tasks. The data also revealed a system transition and enthusiasm from board members about current recommendations and activities. The findings subsequently revealed the presence of quality board dialogues and the influence these dialogues have on board member actions. The primary lessons learned included the importance of patience and of quality work, and the common understanding that co-management and the business of making ministerial recommendations are a process.

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