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Co-management of moose in the Gwich'in Settlement Area, Northwest Territories

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Marshal, J. P.



Alces 35 - Including Papers from the 34th North American Conference and Workshop



The Gwich'in of the Northwest Territories play an important role in the management of moose (Alces alces): they have a settled land claim that requires their involvement in wildlife management, they provide valuable traditional knowledge to biologists about moose in an area for which there is little background scientific information, and of the moose harvested, subsistence makes up a majority. A co-management board was established to ensure cooperation between Gwich'in and government agencies in the research and management of renewable resources. Through co-management, there is improved exchange of traditional and scientific knowledge between Gwich'in and agency biologists, there is an increased sense of responsibility for management among Gwich'in, and Gwich'in are more willing to participate in future management activities. Since co-management began in this area, biologists and Gwich'in have designed and conducted moose surveys, harvest assessment of Gwich'in hunters, inventory of moose habitat, and documentation of traditional knowledge about moose.

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