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[Introduction]: The Beaufort Sea Conference 2000 on the Renewable Marine Resources of the Canadian Beaufort Sea

Ayles, G. Burton; Bell, Robert; Fast, Helen






The Beaufort Sea Conference 2000, held in Inuvik, North-west Territories, in September 1999, had three objectives: to review our current understanding of the renewable aquatic resources of the Beaufort Sea; to review the factors that affect those resources; and to develop a vision that will guide management of those resources for the benefit of present and future generations. To achieve these objectives, the conference brought together representatives of the full range of groups interested in the renewable re-sources of the Beaufort Sea. These included hunters and fishers, other resource users, scientists, government managers, educators, students, and the public. The conference was structured to encourage interaction between participants so that they could jointly discuss opportunities for the future.

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