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Walking together: An evaluation of renewable resource co-management in the Yukon Territory

Hayes, Kelly Alyson





The purpose of this study is to further knowledge and understanding of the co-management process, particularly in areas where there is a relatively large population of non-aboriginal people. The aim is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of this type of approach to resource management and to explore its effectiveness in developing sustainable approaches to resource use. This project proposes an evaluative framework for resource co-management that examines the operations of community-based co-management bodies and the initiatives that result from the cooperative management approach. The Yukon Umbrella Final Agreement (UFA) is a comprehensive land claim agreement that provides guidelines for the individual settlements of the Yukon's 14 First Nations. All co-management bodies established by the UFA are public boards that are to represent the community interests. By applying this evaluative framework to two Yukon communities where land claims are settled and co-management processes are being developed, this paper provides a critical understanding of how the Yukon approach to co-management is currently working. The evaluation provides an in-depth review of components of co-management practice including formation, organization, operations, actions, and effectiveness. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

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