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The forests and woodlands of Labrador, Canada: ecology, distribution and future management

Roberts, B. A.; Simon, N. P. P.; Deering, K. W.



Ecological Research



Labrador, Canada is the last relatively undeveloped landmass of Boreal and subarctic Canada. Its land area is over 288,000 km super(2), with less than 1% developed, and a human population of below 30,000. Labrador is greater than 60% forest- and woodland-covered and over 30% tundra, soil and rock barrens. We review the ecology and distribution of forests, woodlands, and related vegetation of Labrador within the context of climate, forest site index, landform, soils, and disturbance. Recent ecosystem management through a public planning process with emphasis on past and future comanagement and development with traditional and western scientific principles is currently underway. Plant-animal interactions, traditional uses by aboriginal groups, and early history are also reviewed.

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