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Equal Partners? Assessing Comanagement of Forest Resources in Clayoquot

Mabee, Holly Spiro; Hoberg, George



Society and Natural Resources



Using a case study of Clayoquot Sound, this article examines progress & challenges with creating an equal partnership in a case of comanagement of forest resources between indigenous peoples & the state in Canada. The analysis of participants' perceptions revealed a need for careful definition of key terms used in comanagement arrangements to ensure shared understanding & interpretation of goals among the parties, especially given the different worldviews & knowledge systems used by the two parties. In addition, it was found that equality must be analyzed separately for each key function of comanagement, as different factors are involved. Equality in decision making was constrained primarily by the structure of statutory authority, whereas equality in planning was constrained by the capacity gap. Although truly "equal" comanagement has not been achieved in Clayoquot Sound, positive benefits of relationship building & cross-cultural exchange have developed. References. Adapted from the source document.

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