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Co-Management of Wildlife in the Western Canadian Arctic: an Inuvialuit Perspective

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Carpenter, Andy; Hanbidge, Bruce M. V.; Binder, Richard M.



Wildl Manag Inst North Am Wildl and Nat Resour 56th Conf, Edmonton, AB, Can



The Invuvialuit of the Western Canadian Arctic and the Canadian government share joint responsibility for the management of wildlife in the region designated in the Western Arctic (Inuvialuit) Claims Settlement Act of 1984. Comamangement has been achieved through the careful development and enactment of management plans, public education and participation, and the establishment of five cooperative management councils. The success of comanagement is illustrated by grizzly bear harvests, the Beaufort Sea Beluga Mgmt Plan, polar bear management, and the development of the Inuvialuit Renewable Resource Conservation Mgmt Plan.

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